Monday, January 5, 2009

Practice Month

Well I have been somewhat lax in my posting but, I endeavour to improve.

So with that in mind I will unveil what I am working on this January (aka practice month).

Throughout the year I gather interesting looking method books and make notes of ideas from previous practice periods. Much of my time is spent preparing for gigs and maintaining my chops so new ideas are recorded for later study. As I balance my time between basses and Baliset I look to and develop ideas that have applications on either axe. Some of these ideas are for soloing others are more compositional in nature.

Today I focused on bowing on the upright bass. The three books I worked from were: "New Method For the Double Bass (F Simandl)", "60 Melodic Etudes (John Patitucci) and Cello Excerpts from Bach's Overture in D.

My goal is to improve my intonation which had been slipping as of late. The results will be revealled after much sweat has been poured forth.

More really I mean it this time.

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