Monday, January 19, 2009

Practice Month. A bit further on.


While I have not posted on this subject for a while I am still at it.

One of my occasional pursuits is "tune farming". This activity consists of me going through fake books and trying out new (to me) material. This latest harvest has yielded a good crop. "Little B's Poem" - Bobby Hutcherson, "Loose Change" - Hal Galper, "Luny Tune" - Larry Young, "Paris Eyes" - Larry Young, "Triple Play" - Hal Galper and "When Love Is New" - Cedar Walton.

These tunes are now subject to a good going over using ideas gleaned from several books including "Forward Motion" - Hal Galper and "Almanac of Guitar Voice-Leading" - Mick Goodrick.

Other practice pursuits have been working on legato bowing out of the Simandl book for upright bass as well as plugging away at John Patitucci's "60 Melodic Etudes".

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