Monday, January 18, 2010

What is this thing called Konokol.

The way in I first introduce the concept of Konokol to students is by means of an exercise designed to ease the transition from quarter notes, to eighth notes, and sixteenth notes.

The first step is to say the rhythms. Da - da - da - da for quarter notes. Ta ka - ta ka - ta ka - ta ka for eighth notes. ta ka di mi - ta ka di mi - ta ka di mi - ta ka di mi for sixteenth notes. This is best done out of time so that the student can get used to the sounds.

Next comes the 'say and play' portion. This can be done out of time a few times but the metronome should be used fairly soon. I recommend 60 bpm.

Work on an even transition into each section neither speeding up or slowing down.

Once the student feels confident at 60 bpm two tempo changes need to be followed. Slowly increase and decrease the tempo.

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