Friday, March 13, 2009

Not in the pit.

I have been playing bass for a production of "Nunsense the Mega-Musical" put on by Orpheus at the Centrepointe Theatre here in Ottawa.

The music is light and fun to play and the band is good. We are; musical director Brother Patrick (Gabriel Leury), pianist Sister Mary Melody (Cheryl Jarvis Woods), synthesist Sister May Ruth (Ruth Kwan), drummer Brother Peter (Pierre Huneault), woodwindist (yeah it's a real word) Brother Michael (Mike Mullin) and me, bassist Brother Thomas.

The band is on stage for the enire perfomance. This means that we are in costume (Nuns habits for the women and Friars robes for the men) and there is a bit of interaction with the actors. As many stages as I have performed on in my career the jury is out on how I feel about being onstage during a theatrical production of this nature. There is a certain comfort level of the anonymity of the pit but, it is cool to see more of the action on stage.

Bonus points to Orpheus for the sense of community that is on display backstage and the bonza nosh that appears in the green room.

I will be playing for their upcoming production of "The Full Monty" (June 5 - 14 at Centrepointe). We shall once again be in the pit and our garb shall consist of a sock. Black, of course.

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